Pharma Dynamics is the fastest growing pharmaceutical company in South Africa

We are always looking for new talent to join our dynamic, performance-driven team.
Our values

We set high standards of ethics, and conduct ourselves with integrity at all times.


We encourage teamwork across our organisation to deliver outstanding results quickly and efficiently. We build teams that value diversity and work to support each other well.


Our teams are performance-driven. We set our benchmarks against the global leaders in our industry.


Our employees are free thinkers and innovators. We empower individuals to explore new directions and find alternative solutions. We value passion, ownership and conviction.


We show consideration for each other and recognise our differences. We believe in treating people like we would like to be treated. We are an equal opportunity employer.


We strive to serve our customers with excellence and build long term partnerships. We seek to understand, to respond quickly and deliver on promises.

Featured stories
Health is a partnership with your heart – Afzal Dhansay – CVS Product Manager

The heart is an extraordinary muscle which never rests, beating on average 72 times per minute or 100 000 times a day, for an entire lifetime. The heart pumps oxygenated blood and nutrients to all parts of the body and it is therefore in everyone’s interest to maintain a healthy heart if you want it to serve you well. Like any muscle, to maintain a healthy heart, you need to exercise it, and feed it with the correct nutrients.

I never take good health for granted – Gloria Mutomb – Regulatory Scientist

My mother has diabetes. Growing up, I saw firsthand the impact of long term illness on her quality of life. I learned that good health is a gift to be cherished and decided never to take it for granted. I set a goal for myself – choose a healthy lifestyle for my family every day.

Pharma Dynamics helped me beat cancer – Carol-Lynn Ford – Finance Controller

Last year, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. As a single mother, a cancer diagnosis is scary. I needed radiation therapy, to care for my son, and somehow keep my job. I hadn’t been employed by Pharma Dynamics for long, and the thought of asking for extended sick leave was daunting – but I didn’t need to worry.