Even though our vision is to make healthcare accessible to more Southern Africans by making it more affordable, we believe that managing chronic conditions should be approached holistically.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle plays a central role in maintaining general health, preventing the onset of disease, and managing chronic conditions.

Changing bad habits and putting new, healthier ones in their place is however easier said than done. PHARMA DYNAMICS is committed to bring you programs like iChange4Health and Cooking from the Heart to help you make healthier lifestyle choices to LIVE today, for tomorrow.

Can you reverse diabetes?

diabetes friendly

It may be possible to weed out the roots of diabetes. You can manage it. You can control it. But can you reverse diabetes? It may sound too good to be true, but with drastic diet changes you can turn…

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Positive mind, better health


You’ve heard it many times, “Think positively”, and if you aren’t an optimist, this phrase could be annoying, but there are real health benefits to positive thinking.  You don’t have to be overly happy all the time, but a little…

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Keep this first aid kit at your fingertips this holiday season


It’s that time of the year again: pool parties, celebrations, lots of drinking, and inevitably, accidents. We may not want to think about it, but injuries and accidents tend to happen over the festive season. Knowing the basics of first…

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7 things to know about antibiotics


Antibiotics are lifesavers. They have changed the landscape of the medical field and how it’s practiced. When you’re feeling under the weather, your trusty antibiotic gets you alive and kicking again. But how clued up are you about that pill…

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Your mouth, the window to your health


Flossing, brushing and rinsing aren’t just to maintain your 100-watt smile; these acts also protect your overall health. Bleeding gums, teeth discolouration and sores are red flags, so take heed! Your teeth can offer important health cues that will tell…

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Mix and match for health

Mix and match foods

Some of our favourite foods come in tempting twosomes. Think of bacon and eggs, fish and chips and burgers and fries – all delicious but sometimes unhealthy pairings. Luckily for us, the trend of food combining means that we can…

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Can sweeteners cause diabetes?

Sweeteners vs Sugar

As a diet aid that carries a sweet little kick, sweeteners are very popular. But as the use of sweeteners is on the increase, so too is the prevalence of diabetes. Could the two be linked? Some studies have shown…

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Know the 5 biggest health risks in SA


Risk #1: HIV/AIDS South Africa has the most serious HIV/AIDS epidemic in the world, with over six million people living with the condition. Among the key populations most affected by HIV/AIDS are black males between the ages of 25 and…

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Sugar low


How can something so sweet be so harmful? Is sugar really a health culprit? We spoke with the experts to separate fact from fiction. Dr Robert Lustig, an American obesity expert specialising in paediatric hormone disorders at the University of…

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Am I doing regular exercise?

physical activity

Regular exercise is recommended and can be as easy as taking the stairs and not the lift, walking the dog or walking to the shop instead of driving there. In addition we should aim to do at least 30 minutes…

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Chronic Diseases of Lifestyle can be prevented


Chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease (heart disease and stroke) and cancer can be prevented if you eat a healthy diet and keep physically active. Increasing numbers of South Africans, including children, are eating an unhealthy diet…

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Healthy eating guidlines

Heart Disease

Healthy eating guidelines Healthy eating does not need to be boring or expensive. The truth is that it can be as simple as making small changes to the way you eat, like eating more of this and less of that,…

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