• OUR VISION Today, For Tomorrow

    It is PHARMA DYNAMICS’s vision to provide the best available healthcare at an affordable cost to everyone. We believe that this vision can only be realized through the provision of generic medicine in Southern Africa – an environment where access to healthcare is often limited by escalating costs coupled with a lack of public awareness of health conditions and the management thereof.

    Our vision therefore rests on three pillars:


    PHARMA DYNAMICS has global alliances with 16 manufacturing partners, all of which are regulated and approved by South Africa’s Medicines Control Council (MCC), as well as one or more international regulatory authority, including the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the USA, MHRA in the UK, TGA in Australia and the EMEA in the European Union.

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    These alliances allow us to provide the Southern African public with the best quality healthcare products available in the world.

    We also invest 9 % of our consolidated sales into research and development to ensure continued innovation and advances in branded and generic formulations, as well as biotechnology products and APIs. View our full list of products.


    The need for expanding access to healthcare has never been greater. Spiralling healthcare costs are increasingly placing larger burdens on Southern African households and the economy.

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    Through competitive pricing structures and encouraging new approaches to prevention and patient engagement, PHARMA DYNAMICS has been able to contain costs, thereby increasing patients’ access to healthcare, and equally important, to improve patients’ overall health and treatment outcomes.

    We are also committed to secure Medical Aid Listings to ensure that patients are able to access our products without having to incur extra costs outside of their medical aid fees.


    PHARMA DYNAMICS is passionate about healthcare and with a team of 13 highly skilled scientists and pharmacists, we are committed to providing Southern Africans with a product range that addresses their healthcare needs.

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    We also support healthcare professionals (HCP’s) through a variety of sponsorships, including Corporate Sponsorships, Medical Congresses, Fellows training programmes, CPD activities, as well as educate and train the community through Corporate Social Initiatives.

    Your health matters