Pharma Dynamics helped me beat cancer – Carol-Lynn Ford – Finance Controller

Last year, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. As a single mother, a cancer diagnosis is scary. I needed radiation therapy, to care for my son, and somehow keep my job. I hadn’t been employed by Pharma Dynamics for long, and the thought of asking for extended sick leave was daunting – but I didn’t need to worry.

I was overwhelmed by how understanding management were. The emotional support from my team made it possible to face the challenges of treatment. To this day, it’s not unusual for our CEO to call me into his office to ask after my health and general wellbeing. I still go for scans every three months – but I’ve stopped feeling guilty about taking time off work. My team is happy to support me, just as I am happy to support them. Family culture is what makes Pharma Dynamics special. We’re not just a team – we’re there for each other when it matters.


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