I never take good health for granted – Gloria Mutomb – Regulatory Scientist

My mother has diabetes. Growing up, I saw firsthand the impact of long term illness on her quality of life. I learned that good health is a gift to be cherished and decided never to take it for granted. I set a goal for myself – choose a healthy lifestyle for my family every day.

Watching my mother live with diabetes taught me that while you can’t always control your body, you can control your daily decisions. I have a son called Michael. He is just beginning to eat solid foods. Like all parents, I find myself in the privileged position of shaping his early experiences of food. I choose to give him as many fruits and vegetables as possible, hoping he will get used to a variety of flavours and textures. I give him plenty of water instead of juice or other sugary drinks. I want him to build a habit of choosing water when he is thirsty. One day, he will be old enough to make his own decisions. Today, it’s my job to show him the healthy way.


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