In love with the science of medicine – Asha Rampul – Regulatory Pharmacist

I initially chose to become a pharmacist by pulling the profession from a hat – literally – I was torn between pharmacology, law, IT and microbiology, but since beginning my tertiary education at Rhodes University and discovering the absolute magic that is the science of medicine, I have never looked back.

What I enjoy most about my role as a Regulatory Affairs Pharmacist at Pharma Dynamics, is that I work to make these powerful molecules more affordable and to increase access to life saving treatment every day. This is done by ensuring bioequivalence to the original medicine through stringent tests that ensure that bioavailability (rate and extent of availability) after administration in the dose is equal to that of the original medicine in terms of efficacy and safety. It’s a great role to play at a company like Pharma Dynamics, because we are revered for quality medicine in the industry.


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