It’s great to be in an industry that is constantly improving healthcare – Bradford Carelse – Business Development

Bio-similars are also grown in living cells and are revolutionising the way in which we treat many diseases. How? By targeting molecular processes that no conventional tablet can. Biologic medicines are expensive, which is why we are working to create affordable versions. At Pharma Dynamics we are inspired by quality of life. Bio-similars have the potential to improve quality of life for millions of South Africans who can’t afford biologic originals.



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I choose the way of zen in and out of the office – Stefan Benjamin – Business Development

I’ve been practicing the martial art of Karate for many years, and to me it is the epitome of balance between physical and mental activity. This is important in my work (or life) because I see people get stressed and not know how to manage what life throws at them. I know that these skills have given me the ability to remain calm even in the hardest situations.

In love with the science of medicine – Asha Rampul – Regulatory Pharmacist

As geeky as it may seem, I am fascinated by the lifecycle of molecules. It’s very exciting when a new molecule is discovered. I find it particularly interesting how the molecule is optimised and transformed to decrease side effects and increase efficacy. These tiny molecules are extraordinarily powerful – they transform human lives every day!