I’ve always dreamt of helping people – Donné Jurgens – logistics coordinator

Our department imports products to the main distribution centre, and manages local logistics and distribution to stores. Our team has to communicate well and work closely together to achieve results. We pride ourselves in exceptional quality and have a great reputation. We are known as a brand that hardly ever has issues with low stock or problems with the supply chain. We value teamwork and put a lot of emphasis on excellent processes to ensure everything runs smoothly. Just like we care about growing and expanding our product offering, the people at Pharma Dynamics are always expanding their knowledge and expertise. I’m excited to be completing my first tertiary education course this year through Pharma Dynamics. I love working for an organisation that invests in people.


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In love with the science of medicine – Asha Rampul – Regulatory Pharmacist

As geeky as it may seem, I am fascinated by the lifecycle of molecules. It’s very exciting when a new molecule is discovered. I find it particularly interesting how the molecule is optimised and transformed to decrease side effects and increase efficacy. These tiny molecules are extraordinarily powerful – they transform human lives every day!

It’s great to be in an industry that is constantly improving healthcare – Bradford Carelse – Business Development

Pharma Dynamics focuses on bringing ground-breaking, generic versions of biologic medicine to South Africans at affordable prices. What does this mean? We take complex combinations of sugars, proteins and nucleic acids made inside living cells and create biosimilars.